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Book’s details

Title: LittleAmelie The Dress Maker for Dolls

Doll's size sewing book was written by “LittleAmelie”.

Book’s details >

• Includes  1 PDF Files 107.4MB

•Photos and Instructions

•Sewing  Patterns  scale 100% on “letter paper size”

•Total 100 pages

•English book





There are 10 designs of doll clothes.

1. Peter pan collar long-sleeve dress (XS, S, M, L, XL)

2. Turtle collar short sleeve dress (XS, S, M, L, XL)

3. Full-lining sleeveless dress (XS, S, M, L, XL)

4. Ruffle collar puff sleeve maxi dress (XS, S, M, L, XL)

5. Rounded yoke dress and petticoat (S, M, L)

6. Smocked dress and pumpkin pants (S, M, L)

7. Balloon sleeve maxi empire dress (S, M, L)

8. Square neck rounded skirt dress (S, M, L)

9. Long puff sleeve double skirt dress (S, M, L)

10. Wing sleeve dress and apron (S, M, L)

Plus + Basic making sewing patterns and sewing tips for miniature clothes



All designs have instructions with photos and texts step by step.

All patterns are 100% scale to use.

Language: English


Pattern suitable for:

•XS size is 1/12 doll, Obitsu11

•S size is 20 cm doll , 1/8 BJD (Middie Blythe, Odeco & Nikki, Lati Yellow, Licca gen 1 etc)

•M size is 22 cm doll (Neo Blythe, Licca gen 4, Momoko etc)

•L size is 1/6 BJD, YoSD Doll, Barbie

•XL size is 1/4 BJD MSD

*Total 38 patterns


*The book was prepared by the author, and not distributed officially by any publishing company.

The authors intended to share knowledge with people who like to make doll clothes only.*

This design is for beginner to intermediate level.

This pattern may not be reproduced for sell, sharing, or use by others.

However please credit to “LittleAmelie”, if you use the patterns to make clothes for sell.


E-Book LittleAmelie The Dress Maker for Dolls /English

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